The Brief

The Brief


Design a landing page for an eCommerce website. Our client 'Blackout' runs a sporting brand company that is in direct competition with the likes of JD Sports & Sports Direct. It must be clear, concise, promote brand awareness, and try to lead the user to make a purchase (conversion). The main 'Call To Action' on the landing page will be a promotion of our latest trainer "The Black Lightning". This will lead the users to a product detail page where they can find out more information and make a purchase. The rest of the landing page will have promoted products available. A sub-goal is to capture user emails through a sign up to contact later for marketing.


The sportswear industry is highly competitive and online presence is a must. Our client needs to improve this by building a landing page that is visually stimulating to the user. The client would like the page to be usable from anywhere, no matter where the user is. They also want to use current design trends that may not have been incorporated by their competitors. This will hopefully give them a usable and intuitive page that customers will want to use.

Project specifics

The users of this page will not all have the same abilities, The extras and improvements that we can add will benefit them and general users. The design needs to be clear, simple to use and it needs to use up to date design trends. To summarise the design should:

· Be simply designed and clear of any visual distractions

· Use relevant design trends such as dark mode or flat UI

· Have a high standard of usability

· Be usable across desktop, tablet & mobile

· Be usable to all users, even those with impairments.

· Promote brand awareness

· Have an intuitive design

Landing Page Details

Navigation titles - Men, Women, Kids, Sale, New Releases

Carousel Banner- holding deals, return and shipping information

Hero Title - The Black Lightning

Hero Image - Hero(in Resources)

Hero Subtitle - The Fastest Shoe Ever Built

Call to action button - More Info

Section Title - Popular Mens Trainers

Shoe 1 - ReebokRoyals(In Resources), $199

Shoe 2 - adidasMen1(In Resources), $199

Shoe 3 - Jordanjumpman(In Resources), $199

Shoe 4 - reebok1 (In Resources), $199

Section Title - Womens Running Trainers.

Shoe 1 - NikeWomens1(In Resources), $199

Shoe 2 - adidasWomens1 (In Resources), $199

Shoe 3 - adidasWomens2(In Resources), $199

Shoe 4 - NikeWomens2(In Resources), $199

Section Title - Newsletter

Section Subtitle - Subscribe to keep up with the latest trends

Call to action - Sign up

Footer titles - 

  • Order Status
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Returns
  • Payment Options
  • Contact Us
  • ABOUT Blackout
  • News
  • Careers
  • Investors
  • Purpose
  • Sustainability

Colour Scheme (image available in resources) -

#2C2A2C, #DBD9DB, # DEB866, #B68438, #CA9B46